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February 25, 2020

Woman smiling after getting professional teeth whiteningBrilliant, sparking-white teeth are the foundation of a gorgeous smile. Yellow or discolored teeth can hold you back from smiling, which can be a detriment in social, professional, and romantic situations. If you've tried at-home teeth-whitening products, you may have noticed that they're not very useful.

At South Natick Dental, board-certified family and cosmetic dentist…

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June 04, 2019

dr-novak-with-patientWhen Dr. Svetlana Novak DMD was 7 years old, she went to a dentist in her native Russia who restrained her and pulled one of her teeth without warning or anesthesia. She left that experience with a long-term fear of dentists.

But Dr. Novak knew she could use her ordeal to save others from the same trauma. She received degrees in dental medicine from Moscow Dental School and Tufts University in Boston. In 1996, she established her first private practice. Since that day, Dr.…

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