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Family dentistry is a branch of general dentistry that focuses on the specific oral health needs of patients in every stage of life. At South Natick Dental, we begin seeing children as soon as they can hold a toothbrush and provide advanced dental services for every member of your family. For families with members of varying ages, we are happy to schedule multiple members at the same time for added convenience.

Schedule your appointment with our experienced general dentist Dr. Svetlana Novak DMD today by contacting South Natick Dental online or at 508-655-8020. We serve Natick, Wellesley, Dover, Sherborn and other communities throughout Massachusetts.

Read more about our general and family dentistry services below:

A Dentist for the Whole Family

When you’re carting kids around to school and extra-curricular activities – going to work, running errands and getting meals on the table every day – life can feel hectic and exhausting. With all of your responsibilities, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether you can arrange to get your family into the dentist for routine check-ups.

When you choose Dr. Novak to meet your family’s diverse dental needs, you can expect:

  • Comprehensive dental services: A family dentist must be able to provide exceptional dental care to patients of all ages. Whether your young child is ready for a first visit or your elderly loved one needs a dental implant, Dr. Novak has the experience, skill and compassion to help. From cosmetic dentistry procedures to general dentistry treatments, our family dentist can help each member of your family in every stage of life.
  • Dentistry you can trust: Nothing is more important than the health of you and your family. It’s crucial to find a family dentist you can trust; a dentist who has the knowledge to identify potential problems, the skill to provide exceptional care and the chair side manner to make you feel at home. Making our patients feel like part of the family comes naturally to every member of the South Natick Dental team. We are honored that you’ve chosen us to be your dental care provider and we look forward to many years of working with you and your family.
  • Convenience: Why have a different dentist for every member of your family, when you can have one dental home instead? We want to make getting regular dental care a whole lot simpler. We will work with you to coordinate multiple appointments in a single day. Having a one-stop dental shop can save you time, miles and peace of mind.

Reasons People Don't Visit a Dentist More Frequently - InfographicWe are happy to meet with children as soon as they can hold a tooth brush. We pride ourselves on providing a warm, friendly and stress-free environment for kids. We understand how crucial early interactions with a dentist can be for children. The impressions children have of dentists at an early age often stay with them for their entire lives. We strive to make sure kids feel safe and cared for.

Routine Dental Cleanings and Exams

Regular dental exams and cleanings are the foundation of good oral health. They keep your mouth and teeth healthy and help prevent decay and disease. A typical cleaning will include:

  • Plaque removal: Plaque is a soft, sticky, film that forms on the teeth comprising bacteria, food debris, and saliva. These bacteria cause gum inflammation, which signals the onset of periodontal disease.
  • Tartar removal: Tartar is hardened plaque that has remained on the tooth for a significant length of time and is now firmly affixed to the surface of the tooth. Tartar forms below and above the gum line and can only be removed with special dental instruments.
  • Teeth polishing: This removes the plaque and stains that are not otherwise removed during tooth brushing and scaling.

In addition to a comprehensive professional cleaning, your visit to South Natick Dental will include a thorough dental examination. Regular dental exams typically involve:

  • Diagnostic X-rays: X-rays help determine tooth and root positions. They are essential for detection of bone loss, cysts, tumors and decay.
  • Examination of tooth decay: Special dental instruments will be used to examine every surface of your teeth for decay.
  • Examination of existing restorations: The condition of your current fillings, crowns, and other restorations will be examined.
  • Gum disease evaluation: Your gums and the bone around your teeth will be examined for any signs of periodontal disease.
  • Oral cancer screening: Dr. Novak will exam your gums, throat, tongue, lips, neck and face for any signs of oral cancer.

Endodontic Treatment (Root Canals)

Dental pulp contains the connective tissues, nerves and blood vessels that keep your teeth strong and healthy. Infection can develop when bacteria and decay accumulate on your teeth. When your dental pulp becomes diseased and begins to die, your tooth is further weakened and vulnerable to decay. A root canal corrects this issue and can help you preserve your natural tooth by eliminating the dental pulp completely.

It’s important to understand that the signs that indicate a potential infection don’t always manifest until your situation has worsened. Common signs that indicate a possible infection and necessity for a root canal include:

  • Severe toothache when chewing
  • Tooth sensitivity when exposed to hot or cold temperatures
  • A recurring pimple on the gums
  • Tenderness and swelling of the gums near the infected area
  • Tooth discoloration

It’s important for both your long-term and immediate oral health to visit Dr. Novak as soon as you notice these symptoms or experience other discomfort. Failure to fix an abscessed tooth can lead to bone loss, swelling, and drainage issues near the root.

Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease, is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. It is an infection of the gums that surround your teeth. Gum disease has two main stages:

  • Gingivitis: This is the early stage of gum disease. During this stage, your gums bleed easily and become swollen and red. Fortunately, gingivitis is very treatable and can typically be corrected with daily brushing and flossing.
  • Periodontitis: Left untreated, gingivitis can advance into a more serious stage of gum disease called periodontitis. This serious infection destroys the bone that supports your teeth and damages the soft tissue. Periodontitis can cause teeth to loosen, fall out or require extraction.

Because gum disease doesn’t usually cause any noticeable physical discomfort, many people don’t even realize they suffer the condition. While it is common for patients to have gum disease and not know it, some symptoms can include:

  • Gums that have pulled away from your teeth
  • Gums that are swollen, tender or red
  • Bleeding gums
  • Pus between your teeth and gums
  • Teeth that are separating or loose
  • Persistent bad taste or bad breath

hygienist at South Natick Dental performing teeth cleaning for patientTo properly maintain the health of gums and teeth, routine dental exams are essential. By maintain good oral hygiene practices at home, you greatly reduce the chances of developing periodontal disease. Be sure to eat a healthy diet, floss and brush regularly and schedule routine dental exams to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy. During your regular exam, Dr. Novak will inspect your mouth and gums for an array of oral health issues, including periodontal disease.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Fillings are commonly used to in the treatment of cavities. After removing the decayed portion of a tooth, Dr. Novak will fill the area with a tooth-colored composite filling. Fillings can also be used to repair teeth that are cracked or broken.

Tooth-colored fillings are designed to restore and mimic the natural appearance of your tooth. Benefits of tooth-colored fillings include:

  • Appearance: Composite fillings can be closely matched to the color and shade of your existing tooth. This means that you can let your whole smile shine through and not have to worry about showing off metal fillings.
  • Versatility: Composite materials can be used for more than just fillings, they can be used to repair worn, chipped or broken teeth.
  • Support: Tooth-colored fillings chemically bond to the existing tooth structure, providing support.

Laser Dentistry

At South Natick Dental, we pride ourselves on using proven techniques and tools to provide you with the highest level of comfort and safety in your dental care. We proudly use advanced laser technology to address common lip issues, such as cold sores and canker sores. Contact us today to learn more about our safe and effective laser dentistry services.


South Natick Dental proudly offers customized mouth guards for a variety of uses, such as:

  • Sports guards: Sports-related injuries to the jaw and mouth are among the most common injuries received by athletes. If you or your child participate in football, basketball, hockey, boxing, wrestling, weightlifting, water polo, volleyball, surfing, soccer, skydiving, skiing and snowboarding, skateboarding, rugby, racquetball, martial arts, lacrosse or gymnastics, the American Dental Association recommends that a mouthguard is worn.
  • Night guards: Night guards are virtually unnoticeable and can even be worn during the day to protect against discomfort caused by clenching or grinding.
  • Snore guards: The soft tissues at the back of your throat can cause o number of problems while you sleep, including snoring. Snore guards reposition the lower jaw, opening your airway, and helping you get a more restful sleep with less snoring and breathing problems.
  • Other mouthguard uses: Dr. Novak also recommends mouthguards for everyone with more than two dental implants or crowns. Mouthguards help to protect your important dental restorations and ensure their longevity for years to come.

Dental Inlays and Onlays

Dental inlays and onlays are used to restore teeth with mild to moderate decay. They can also be used to help teeth that are or fractured or cracked, but not so bad that they require crowns.

Ideal candidates for these restorations usually have too much decay or damage in the tooth structure to be successfully treated with a filling, but have enough healthy tooth remaining to not need a crown for support. This allows Dr. Novak to conserve more of your original tooth structure.

Some advantages of inlays and onlays over metal fillings include:

  • Inlays and onlays are made of durable materials that can last up to 30 years.
  • Unlike conventional metal fillings which can actually reduce the strength of your teeth by up to 50%, inlays and onlays help to strengthen teeth by up to 75%.
  • They help prolong the life of the tooth, and reduce the likelihood for further dental work in the future.

Breath Treatments

If you are embarrassed or self-conscious about having bad breath, Dr. Novak can help you improve your halitosis with one or more of the following options:

  • Oral hygiene instruction
  • Professional dental cleaning
  • Treatment of tooth decay
  • Treatment of gum disease
  • Treatment of infection


If you are missing all or most of your teeth on your upper or lower jaw, a full denture can give you back the freedom to eat, speak, and chew normally. If you are missing only a few teeth, a partial denture can help you complete your smile with little time or cost. Many dentures are removable, so you can enjoy the comfort of no appliance while you sleep and clean your dentures thoroughly in a special solution when they are not in use.

Dr. Novak proudly also offers implant-supported dentures for maximum functionality, comfort and support.

Emergency Dentistry

A broken tooth, a swollen jaw, a severe toothache – these are just a few examples of the dental emergencies that can arise in day-to-day life. If you need emergency dental care, South Natick Dental will work diligently to schedule an appointment as quickly as possible. Although we are not a 24-hour dental office, we will do our best to get you into the office the same day as your emergency.

Dental emergencies are serious matters, and must be dealt with promptly. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 right away or go to a hospital emergency room.

Some issues that constitute a dental emergency include:

  • Teeth that have suddenly become very loose
  • Severe toothache
  • Chipped tooth
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Dislodged tooth
  • Jaw swelling or pain
  • Cracked tooth

When dental emergencies go untreated, they usually worsen and become more serious – and expensive to treat. Don’t let a bad situation get worse. Contact us immediately.

How to Choose a General Dentist

Infographic: How Do People Rate Their Own Oral Health?First of all, you want to find a skilled dentist who is capable of long-lasting, natural-looking smile results that are both functional and attractive. Every dentist claims to provide great results, but how can you truly measure this aspect of dental care without undergoing treatment first? Try viewing before and after photos, talking to current dental patients, and asking the dentist about his or her credentials.

Secondly, you want your dentist to have a patient-focused practice where your feelings, time, and financial investment are respected. You should be treated with compassion and appreciation from the initial phone call. You can evaluate these aspects by paying attention to the level of friendliness you are shown, the way in which your questions are answered, and how promptly you are addressed during in-person visits.

Last but not least, you want a dentist who does not rush you or push you into making any decisions. Your ideal provider should take the time to answer all of your questions, detail the important risks and benefits of treatment, and be willing to let you make a decision about treatment only when you feel completely comfortable.

Feel free to present your questions about technology, treatments, affordability, and preventative care to either Dr. Novak or her support team members. Keep in mind that most dental centers will not be able to give you personal recommendations for dental care without seeing you first. Use questions like these to help you understand the dentist as well as the practice’s philosophy of care.

  • Where did you receive your dental training?
  • How long have you been in practice?
  • Do you specialize in certain types of dental care?
  • What safe dental materials do you use?
  • How much time do you spend with new patients?
  • Are your fees affordable and do you offer financing?
  • Do you have before and after photos available to view?
  • Do you offer any amenities during treatment?
  • What makes your dental practice unique?

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